When Cold Weather Arrives, You’ll Be Happy You Have A Properly Working Water Heater

Virginia is known for its perfect spring weather, hot summers, beautiful falls, and cold winters. Those who call this state home take the seasonal weather in stride, confident knowing that each period will come and go without causing much issue to their daily lives. But, when after a brisk and cool fall, a harsh winter arrives, some people may find they are not necessarily as prepared as they should be. 

It’s important for homeowners to make it a habit to check their home’s systems at the beginning of every season, making sure everything is in prime working order for the months ahead.  Winter weather can potentially pose significant hazards to these systems, especially where the water heater is concerned. 

Water heating systems can go overlooked in the regular maintenance of a home as they typically carry out their duty without much problem.  However, having a working water heater is not all just about the comfort of a hot shower after a day of shoveling snow, but also about preventing pipes from bursting.

Pipes that are insulated may not be well insulated. For the sake of efficiency, checking the insulation of your water heater’s pipes can save you possible disaster down the road. Insulated pipes prevent the water inside from freezing, which is what leads to bursting, if the temperature should reach below freezing for too long.   

In addition to making sure the pipes are well insulated, the water heater unit itself should be insulated to ensure its safety in extreme weather conditions. This can be accomplished by adding insulation blankets around the unit, which will keep it running in optimal condition.

Another important point to check is the exhaust and intake components of the system. These vents allow the proper amount of air flow in and out, and if blocked by debris or snow, the unit can stop working properly or even cause dangerous gases to back up into the home.  These vents are typically covered in wire mesh which may need cleaning or replacing so that the unit can run properly.

Upon checking the water heater system, it may be determined that further maintenance or even replacement may be in order.  If for any reason you have questions about the state of your system or concerns that it may not be up to par, it is always a good idea to call a professional. KD Mechanical is a local, family owned company that services all of your home’s heating and air conditioning and water heater systems.  Calling one of their professional technicians to come out and double check your water heater’s system can ensure that it continues to operate smoothly.  Before you find yourself without hot water in the dead of winter, scrambling in the snow to insulate the system’s pipes and realizing it has frozen solid, do yourself a favor and make checking your water heater a priority at the beginning of each season.  Regular maintenance checks can prevent the need for emergency situations.

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