Coupons for KD Mechanical

It’s that time of year again, as summer turns into the fall – and fall turns into winter, etc.

Your heating and cooling systems work month after month, season after season, year after year – not to mention all of the other appliances and systems inside your home. Give them a boost with professional service that matters.

Check out these current specials where you can use digital coupons on our website to get money off of your routine property maintenance. Get peace of mind for every season with comprehensive home maintenance services from experienced pros. 

Seasonal Tune-ups

A seasonal tune-up coupon for $79 means you get the professional peace of mind of having a professional firm evaluate your HVAC system before a difficult season starts. This cuts down dramatically on the chances that you’ll be left without key heating or cooling on some of the most extreme days of the year.

New Water Heater Installations

Another $100  coupon offers money off of new water heater installations.

Water heaters age and deteriorate over time. Chances are the last decade’s design is obsolete and no longer works well. You need a new energy-saving, safe and effective water heater for your property. Get a significant savings with this digital coupon. This service is especially important because water heaters are so hard to change out – they are excessively heavy and large, and they take a high voltage input. So having a pro around helps you to avoid some potential disasters. 

Aprilaire Humidifier Special

Aprilaire is one of the best names in the business – and KD Mechanical can install an Aprilaire humidifier on your existing system to help alleviate that dry forced air problem you get in the winter as the furnace dries out the indoor air. Get $75 off this critical service with our online coupon – we will do the installation and explain how to use the Aprilaire humidifier and why it helps you to get better indoor air quality for your heating season. 

Free Service Call

This is like one of those cool monopoly cards, where you save money just by presenting the digital coupon. Get a free service call with any paid repair service and you’ll save a significant amount of money the next time you have to call an HVAC or home system professional.

Along with these tangible offers, we also help our clients to save money by providing energy tips and more when we come to your property. Get connected with KD Mechanical to benefit from efficient and high-performing systems this year, and in the years to come. We want to help you to stay comfortable inside all year round, and save money on heating, cooling and more!

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