Considerations in Water Heater Purchase, Installation and Repair

At K.D. Mechanical, water heater issues are a common thing that we help homeowners to deal with. Here are some of the processes where calling a top professional home appliance service can benefit you as a homeowner. You don’t want a bad water heater to create other problems in your home! We can help. 

Leaking Water Heaters

If a water heater is leaking it’s generally a sign that it is wearing out. Over time, the tank of the water heater can rust and wear away, and leaks can develop. This causes all kinds of problems for homeowners. These aging systems need evaluation and possible replacement.

We can come in and diagnose any problems with the water heater, including leaks or brownish water coming out of the tap. Sometimes the rust gets internally conducted out of hot water lines and can be rather disturbing to clients who don’t understand how this appliance works. Generally, the sediment will settle to the bottom of the tank, but this problem also indicates age. 

New Water Heater Installation

We also often help property owners with installing a new water heater when it’s time to upgrade.

Part of this involves tapping into hot and cold lines, hooking up gas and electric connections and making sure that the water heater is functioning safely and efficiently in the home. That’s important, because bad installations can cause dangerous and costly situations.

We also help to consult on energy savings. Some homeowners can benefit from changing to tank or tankless water heaters, depending on the setup of the property. We’ll explain the benefits of each and how they compare.

Removing Old Water Heaters

Installing a new water heater is only part of the process when an upgrade is necessary.

Removing a disconnected water heater can be a big job. First, the tank is typically full of water, which means the water heater must be drained before transport. Then there’s the necessity of loading this bulky appliance onto a truck, and taking it somewhere that will accept it as waste.

So we take care of this for clients as well.

Take a look at the website to see more of the services that we commonly offer in the Leesburg, VA area. For instance, we help to maintain furnaces and other systems with effective air filtration and we help with seasonal maintenance for HVAC equipment and more. Let us be part of your team of home improvement and home maintenance partners to keep your property in great condition over time. Ask us if you have any questions about anything that doesn’t seem quite right on your property – and ask about available deals for loyal customers! We value your input and your choice to work with K.D. Mechanical to keep your home in good working order. 

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