4 Common Air Conditioner Mistakes That Cost You Money

The warmer days of spring are here, and summer is right around the corner. The seasonal heat can burn a hole in your wallet if you aren’t careful. It’s not uncommon for people to spend more in the summer due to increased utility bills or by overworking their A/C unit until it requires repairs. If your air conditioner needs to be serviced, repaired, or replaced, KD Mechanical can help. In the meantime, here are four common air conditioner mistakes to avoid, so you don’t waste money.

Not Changing Your AC Filters

Changing the filters on your air conditioner is easy to do, and it has an enormous impact on the effectiveness and longevity of your unit. You should change your AC filter once every one to three months, depending on how much you use it. A dirty filter leads to reduced air flow, which makes the unit work harder to produce the same effect. It can also cause the evaporator coil to freeze up. It’s estimated that a dirty filter can add 5% to 15% to your utility bill. It also reduces the life of the system by increasing wear and tear on the machine.

Keeping the Thermostat Too Low

A common misconception about air conditioners is that air from the vents gets colder the lower you set the temperature. However, most AC units don’t modulate the temperature of the cold air they produce. It’s either on or off. So when you turn the thermostat really low, it doesn’t cool the room any faster than if you left it at your desired temperature. Keeping the thermostat low causes problems because most people leave it at the colder temperature, which makes your AC unit work longer than it should. Once you learn the temperature you find comfortable, don’t set your thermostat any lower.

Continually Run Your AC Unit

Your air condition unit is an amazing piece of technology that can keep a room cold on hot weather. However, there are units to how much your AC can do. Turning the thermostat to a unachievably low temperature and allowing it to run can cost you a lot of money and damages the unit in the long term. If it’s 100 degrees outside, you aren’t going to get the inside of your house down to 65 degrees. Keep your thermostat set at a reasonable temperature for the weather outside. You’ll know you have it set too low when the temperature on the thermostat remains the same, even as the AC continues to run. If you think your AC should be able to reach a colder temperature, contact KD Mechanical for a system checkup. We can see if there are any issues with your HVAC system.

Not Having Your System Serviced Annually

Like any mechanical system, your AC unit needs to be serviced every so often to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency. With so many moving parts and balanced systems, there are many ways for the system to become less effective over time. Anything that hurts the effectiveness of the system costs you money because your AC unit has to use more power to provide the same amount of cold air. Additionally, finding and fixing little problems can prevent significant issues from arising in the future. Having your annual maintenance done before the hottest days of the year also ensures you stay cool and your system doesn’t fail when you need it the most.


You can save money in the long run by having your AC unit serviced and repaired. The money you save on your utility bills over the year more than makes up for the price of annual maintenance. And you get to enjoy a more comfortable home during hot summer days. If you need help with AC installation, maintenance, or repair, KD Mechanical can help. Send us a message online to schedule an appointment.

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